Proposal could put new park over Downtown Connector

ATLANTA — A new proposal could radically alter the downtown connector through the middle of Atlanta.

A well-known businessman wants to cap the connector in midtown, creating a new Greenspace.

“The interstate is like this huge trench,” Atlanta resident Darin Givens said.

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy wants to help heal that divide. Channel 2's Justin Wilfon learned that Cathy has met with the Georgia Department of Transportation and proposed building a park over the connector.

“I could understand where it would be really useful,” Givens said.


He lives and works in the area where the park would likely cover the connector near North Avenue and The Varsity.

“I think it could be great for people who work in midtown, work at Georgia Tech and have a better connection really,” Givens told Wilfon.

Exact details of the plan aren’t yet known, though it could resemble drawings of a similar proposal over Georgia 400 in Buckhead.

Cathy sent Wilfon a statement Thursday about his involvement in the project, saying:

“Atlanta has always been about big ideas. Right now, we can just do some learning to determine if the park project is worth pursuing. We’ll want to hear from a lot of voices.”

Voices like Givens, who isn’t quite sure about Cathy’s dream.

“I’m a little concerned about the cost of it because it sounds like a mega-bridge really, you know?” Given said.

It is still unknown how much the project would cost or who would pay for it.