Man charged in 2016 death of teen found naked in park also killed elderly couple

ATLANTA — Atlanta Police have secured arrest warrants for a man they say murdered a teenager in a park in 2016.

Bridget Shiel was found naked and shot several times in the back at Oakland City Park on May 31, 2016.

Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez broke news of the arrest on Twitter.

Exactly two years to the day since Shiel's body was found, Atlanta Police Homicide investigators charged Christopher Spencer, 28, with murder.

Spencer is already in jail for another murder. Last year, he was convicted in DeKalb County on gang and murder charges for the killings of a grandfather and his girlfriend.

"Spencer is already in custody, serving prison time for the murder of an elderly couple in a home invasion that occurred in DeKalb County. Homicide investigators pursued numerous leads over the past two years, eventually finding enough evidence to charge Spencer," Carlos Campos, with Atlanta police, said.

Bridget Shiel's death

Shiel, 19, was found dead in Oakland City Park in Atlanta the morning of May 31, 2016.

Police say Shiel's body was found riddled with bullets. A 911 call came in to the department around 1:06 a.m.

Police said Shiel was last seen in a car with two black males at a Shell gas station on Rockbridge Road and Memorial Drive at 11:30 p.m. She appeared to be under duress.


"She was sitting in the passenger seat of her car so she's not in control of her vehicle. We don't know at that point if she truly was kidnapped or there willingly," Detective Vincent Velazquez, with the Atlanta Police Department, said at the time.

The teenager’s family has spent the past two years grieving her death and searching for answers.

“I miss her every day. I cannot believe that the person who did it is still walking the streets," mother Angela Shiel told Jaquez after she was killed.

Shiel said in 2016 she was praying new DNA evidence would be the clue that cracked the case.

"Hopefully the DNA brings us somebody soon," Shiel said.

“Do you believe she knew who her killer was?” Jaquez asked Lee.

“I certainly do,” Lee said.

Shiel said she had faith in police, who told Jaquez they would stop at nothing to find the killer.

“I have faith in them, and my faith in them is unshakable,” Shiel said.

Suspect's other murder charges

In October 2016, Spencer and another man killed Samuel White and Sylvia Watson at a Stone Mountain apartment complex.

Samuel White and Sylvia Watson 

When DeKalb County police arrived White, a grandfather of three, and Watson, his girlfriend, were tied up, hands and feet behind their backs. They had both been shot in the head.

Investigators said the motive was robbery, but the only thing taken was White's credit card. They still do not know why the couple was targeted.

White, a surgical tech at Northside Hospital, was from Michigan. He had two daughters and three grandchildren, two boys and a girl.

Days before White and Watson's death, police say Spencer was involved in the gang-related killings of two children.

In March of this year, Spencer was one of 11 people police charged in connection with the gang-related killings of Tatiyana Coates, 11, and her brother Daveon, 15, during a home invasion.

Daveon and Tatiyana Coates.

The Coates siblings were killed as they slept in their beds.

Police said the group aimed to retaliate against a 15-year-old named DeAndre Mitchell, who stole guns from their gang.

“We believe it was case that they were there searching for DeAndre and thought he was in one of the beds,” said Clayton County police Chief Kevin Roberts.