• Mother says son, 10, threatened with knife by bully at school

    By: Justin Wilfon


    ATLANTA - A metro mother says her child’s school didn’t do enough to stop a bully from threatening her 10-year-old son with a knife.

    That mother, who asked not to be identified, told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon that school leaders at the Kindezi School in midtown Atlanta did not listen to her warnings about the bullying, allowing this even scarier incident to happen. 

    “He’s afraid. He’s very afraid. He’s terrified,” the mother said about her son. 

    She said the student made the threat last Friday.

    “That’s when he brought a pocketknife to school, threatened to kill and stab my son and another student,” the mother said. 


    The mother told Wilfon that she warned school leaders about the boy months ago when she claims he first began bullying her 10-year-old son.

    “He’s been picking fights, saying he’s going to fight him,” the mother said. 

    She believes the school ignored her warnings, which could have prevented last week’s incident.

    Wilfon contacted the school Friday.  A school representative told Wilfon that “the safety of our students and teachers is our first priority. The student who brought the pocket-knife is receiving consequences in line with our Code of Conduct.”

    But the mother worries changes at the school won’t come fast enough, so she’s sending her son somewhere else.

    “I feel unsafe there with him being there,” the mother said. 

    The school also said staff members found bullets on school grounds last week but not a gun. There’s no word on where those bullets came from.

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