• Man rescued after he gets stuck inside chimney in midtown Atlanta


    ATLANTA - Atlanta fire crews worked to rescue a man in midtown Atlanta after they say he got stuck inside a chimney Saturday morning.

    Atlanta Fire Rescue said the man was stuck 10 to 15 feet inside the structure off 1140 Crescent Ave, where several popular restaurants including Tin Lizzy and South City Kitchen are located.

    Atlanta Fire Sgt. Cortez Stafford told Channel 2 Action News said it started when police noticed the man on the roof of the businesses. 


    Atlanta police said they received a call of man threatening to jump off the roof before he got caught inside the chimney. 

    Crews had to knock the bricks out of the chimney wall and use a camera to get him out. 

    "We were unable to go to the top of the chimney to get him from there because he was so deep and wedged in the chimney. It's a very small chimney with about a one and a half foot opening," Stafford told Channel 2.

    The man was taken to Grady Hospital alert and conscious for treatment. Police said that charges are pending. 


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