• Heads up: Road work to tie up traffic in Midtown Atlanta

    By: Steve Gehlbach


    ATLANTA - Traffic is bad enough in Atlanta, but drivers can expect another headache that will last for months. 

    The Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Power are partnering on the Peachtree Road project to readjust the placement of utility poles. 

    Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach called GDOT after he noticed signs along the street saying the project would start Monday and last until November. 

    GDOT said the purpose of the work is to make the street safer for drivers.

    "When that utility pole is right on the road's edge, you don't have any space to correct and get back on the road. You could hit that pole and cause severe injury or death,” said GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale.


    There will be some closures on both sides of Peachtree Road, but not at the same time, as Georgia Power crews move utility poles back about five feet from the road.

    The closures will be related to the specific pole crews are working on, according to Dale.

    Work will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. outside peak rush hours, but traffic is heavy even in the middle of the day.

    Gelhbach asked GDOT officials why the crews couldn't work at night.

    "Linemen, utility workers can't do this overnight for their safety," Dale said.

    The work stretches a mile from Spring Street to Peachtree Creek. GDOT officials said in a news release that approximately 100 existing poles will be relocated. 

    Drivers in the area have become used to lane closures during the last year for bridge work, restriping and construction.

    "It gets crazy. All back roads jammed up, Deering Road, Peachtree Battle jammed up makes the traffic a lot worse," one driver told Gehlbach.

    Gehlbach was there Monday as the first orange cones and warning signs went into place. After the recent projects in the area, one neighbor wishes for more coordination.

    "Redlights been replaced over last several weeks and had lane closures, construction going on and they’ve had lane closures. Why can’t some of this work take place at the same time?” driver Chandler Stuart said.

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