Boy, 9, dies after man strikes 3 kids riding bikes

ATLANTA — Family members confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that one of three children who were hit by a car while riding their bikes has died.

Friends and family gathered at the site of the crash to hold a prayer vigil and release balloons for all of the victims. %



About 100 people showed up to pray for the three boys involved in the incident, only to learn one of them, Isaiah Ward, 9, had passed away.

“I just wish there was something I could do to bring him back,” aunt Iasisha Marshall told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes. “It hurts to see my family hurting.”

Isaiah suffered fatal brain damage in the Friday night mishap and had been on life support. %



Sunday afternoon, his parents took him off the respirator.

“I just wish it could be different, not only for Isaiah, but all three of the kids,” Marshall said.

Police said the boys were on the sidewalk when Ryan Lisabeth allegedly hit the boys with a red car.

Investigators said Lisabeth was under the influence of drugs  and they also found drugs in his car.

Witnesses said before he was driving on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard when he crashed into a car, then jumped the curb and hit the boys.

Fernandes said Isaiah's little sister was heartbroken when she learned her brother had died. His aunt was devastated.

“I'm shaking. It makes it even worse to be at the scene,” Marshall said. %



Isaiah’s big brother, Roland, 11, another of the boys who was hit, had not been told yet that his brother passed away. He's still recovering in the hospital, along with friend, Timothy Hood, 12, who was the third boy injured. Both boys remain in critical condition.

“Roland is doing extremely, extremely well. They told us that he had to have surgery, but you know, God stepped in and said no he don't have to have surgery,” said uncle Freddie Smith.

That uncle said it seems like Roland is going to be OK.

He told Fernandes he wants everyone to pray for Timothy as well.