• Alleged victims warn others about man they call 'mobile mechanic scam artist'

    By: Justin Wilfon


    ATLANTA - Two alleged victims are trying to warn others about a man they call a mobile mechanic scam artist. 

    Both people told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon they gave the supposed mechanic hundreds of dollars but then said he never performed the work. 

    “This is what I responded to, ASE mobile mechanic,” Katrina Thomas said.

    It’s a Craigslist ad Thomas now wishes she had ignored.

    “They’re scamming people and I’m the wrong one they came across. Because I’m not going to let it go just like that,” Thomas said.

    After contacting the supposed mobile mechanic, Thomas said she met him in a southwest Atlanta parking lot and turned over a $450 cash deposit for repairs to her daughter’s car, but she said he never fixed it.

    “I was mad. I was angry and I said some choice words to him,” Thomas said.

    Wilfon spoke to another man in Paulding County who told him the same guy did the same thing to him – except this time, he gave him $900.


    “The con artists have this script they use on their victims and they stick pretty close to it, and her story and my story lined up to the letter,” he said.

    So Wilfon called the man the alleged victims say is a scam artist.

    “You’re saying both of these people are lying to us and the police?" Wilfon asked.

    "Correct,” the man responded via phone.

    “Are you going to give him his money back?" Wilfon asked.

    "Beep-beep-beep (hangs up)”

    The man later called Wilfon back and said he did not steal their money and claims he did perform some work.

    Both alleged victims filed police reports and they believe there are more victims out there.

    “Somebody will watch the news and know who they are,” Thomas said.

    The alleged victims said the man drives a hunter green pickup truck and has a patch that says ASE on his shirt.

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