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    Atlanta - With prices of some streaming gadgets dipping under $30, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon's Fire TV Stick have become a huge hit. They each work by turning your television into a smart device, meaning you'll have a tough time running out of things to watch. The low price on these devices is a steal and you can keep the savings rolling by watching free apps. We've got some favorites, starting with our own:

    WSB-TV is available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku among other streaming devices.

    WSB-TV - WSB-TV now offers more free content on digital platforms than any other station in the Atlanta market. You can find news, weather and exclusive local programs on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Smart TV applications including Samsung and Vizio. [Related Video: How to Roku in 60 Seconds]

    NewsOn - This app automatically serves you local news, like Channel 2 Action News, based on your location. And it doesn't cost a dime. You can see live broadcasts or watch on-demand, which means you can get the news that matters to you on your schedule. You can even set channels as "favorites," meaning they come on automatically the next time you launch the app. Browse through featured stories, all neatly categorized. With 175 stations in 110 markets, you'll stay up to date along with the 260,000 viewers who use this app as their source for news. [Find NewsOn for free on Roku.] 

    The NewsOn app automatically serves you local news such as Channel 2 Action News based on your location and it's free.

    Crackle - Crackle allows you to get free movies with no subscription required. The tradeoff? Occasional commercial breaks. [Find Crackle on Roku and Amazon Fire]

    YouTube - It's hard to get bored with YouTube, which is a great app for entertaining guests at parties. Pass the remote around and let your friends pull up their favorite viral videos for non-stop entertainment. Make sure you subscribe to WSB-TV's YouTube channel which provides daily updates on the day's top videos. [Find YouTube on Roku and Amazon Fire]

    Pro Tip

    Some TVs have HDMI ports that leave your streaming devices poking out, pushing your flat screen far away from the wall. For a cheap fix, get a 90-degree HDMI adapter for a few bucks. 

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