• 8 things to pack for the first day of college


    It is the middle of July and summer is just getting good. In three weeks, however, August will be here and students will be preparing to attend college for the first time. To help you on your first day of college, here is a list of items that you will make the start of your new journey an easy one.


    You will receive a million things on the first day of class, plus additional things you might already have in your bag. I know carrying a bookbag is not always convenient, but it is helpful for the first day when you receive syllabi and important documents from professors who will teach you throughout the semester.


    This may be funny, but paper notebooks still exist. In this digital age, filled with many technological advancements, it is common for you to want to type information on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Some professors, however, do not like this and do not allow the use of technology in their classrooms. To be on the safe side, bring a notebook and hand-write your notes and important information.


    Instead of just throwing your class syllabi, book list and important documents in your bag, keep those documents organized by putting them in a folder. That way, you can easily access them at the end of the day instead of fumbling through numerous pages.



    There’s nothing like that overwhelming feeling of seeing how many assignments that your professors will be asking of you throughout the semester. To make your life easier, bring a planner of calendar with you to begin documenting important dates for each class. Important dates include dates for projects, homework assignments, tests, quizzes and special projects. Get used to keeping your planner. I promise you that it will make your life a lot easier.

    Pencil bag/pouch

    Do not be that student on the first day of class who asks for a pen or pencil because he or she did not bring any or they are in the bottom portion of his or her bookbag. Keep your pens, pencils or Sharpies in a pencil bag. It is a great way to keep all your writing utensils together.

    Water bottle

    Walking around and getting adjusted to campus on the first day can make you tired. Keep a water bottle with you to stay hydrated and replenished.


    After being in college, there are three things that I learned, one of which I will mention below. Always pay attention in class and bring a jacket for the cold classrooms to keep you awake and help pay attention. Some professors can control the temperature and will keep it cold. For those professors who cannot control the warmness or coldness in their classroom, make sure to keep a light jacket on you.

    Small umbrella

    In college, you will learn that it might be sunny when you walk to class and overcast with bad storms outside when your class is over. Don’t be the student who gets wet because you think the weather will always be favorable.


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