• What we know about investigation into former Ga. Tech basketball coach


    ATLANTA - Channel 2 Action News has received a copy of the report that details allegations of mental and emotional abuse in the Georgia Tech women’s basketball program.

    Head basketball coach MaChelle Joseph was fired Tuesday after a weekslong investigation into her treatment of players and assistant coaches.

    Joseph described her coaching style as demanding, but she said she did not believe her actions were different from other coaches at Georgia Tech. 

    Channel 2 Sports Director Zach Klein requested all 16 pages that outline what investigators found after they spoke with Joseph, current players, former players and coaches. 

    At least 40 people were interviewed over the course of the investigation. Here's what we have learned from the investigation report so far:


    Players told investigators that they were “subject to daily belittlement” by Joseph and the coach would call them "derogatory and demeaning" names. Some players also said Joseph would mocked them if they spoke up.

    Joseph admitted to yelling at her players and cursing in games, but she says she did not engage in emotional or mental abuse. 

    [CLICK HERE to read the entire report. WARNING: Some may find the language and content in the report explicit and/or inappropriate.]


    Investigators also looked into how Joseph treated the assistant coaches and graduate assistants on her staff. Several members described similar conduct concerns that were raised by the players and that Joseph would belittle them.

    Joseph denied these allegations and assistant coaches admitted they believed her conduct was appropriate, according to the report.


    A few players told investigators they were concerned about how involved donors were with the team. They felt donors had access to their academics and personal lives.

    "One player recalled an incident in which one donor approached a group of players on a trip and questioned the players about where they were going.  When the player indicated that they were going to see the trainer for treatment, the donor accused them of going to the pool / beach and lifted the shirt of one player to check if she was wearing a swimsuit under her shirt.  On one occasion, the donor reportedly said to the players, “I’m watching you even if Coach Jo[seph] isn’t here…." the report said. 

    [CLICK HERE to read the entire report. WARNING: Some may find the language and content in the report explicit and/or inappropriate.]

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