Dog pulls fire alarm at doggie day care

A dog doesn’t have to wear a cone of shame after getting into a bit of trouble at doggie day care, but she does have to wear a sign of shame.

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Birdie was spending time at Dogwoods Lodge in Grimes, Iowa recently, but when she didn’t have all eyes on her all the time, she went overboard in trying to get the attention she wanted.

Birdie pulled the fire alarm, and her exploits were caught on security camera, KCCI reported.

That simple “accident” brought a bunch of new friends to the lodge in the form of firefighters.

Of course, Birdie had to show she was sorry. She wore a sign around her neck that read, “Dear Grimes Fire Department, I’m sorry that I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie.”

KCCI reported that the firefighters forgave Birdie — the fire department said on Facebook that she does look like she is sorry.