Coronavirus: How vitamin D could help keep you healthy during pandemic

Staying inside and staying healthy can be difficult when gyms are closed.

It also means many of us are spending time outdoors getting some sunshine.

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And experts said that the sun could help you stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

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They have been able to start connecting the dots that vitamin D may be one of the factors keeping people healthy.

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Valerie Schulz, with the University of Central Florida’s Department of Health Sciences, said vitamin D levels appear to play a role in mortality rates from COVID-19.

Vitamin D is a hormone produced within our skin after sun exposure. It supports our immune system, helping attack viruses and moderating this response. Studies are showing that countries with more direct sun exposure during winter months, those south of 35 degrees latitude, have lower COVID-19 severity.

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Schulz suggests a diet with fatty fish, eggs and milk, which contain vitamin D.

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“To resist being sick from the virus, coronavirus, it is a useful technique to be able to include a supplement of vitamin D,” Schulz said.

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Something to note: Sunblocks that block the harmful Florida sun rays can also block the rays our skin needs to produce vitamin D. Schulz said she recommends some limited sensible sun exposure without sunblock, as guided by apps like “D-minder.”