• 7,000 pounds of Panera Bread at Home Chicken Tortilla Soup recalled over plastic contamination

    By: Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    WASHNGTON, D.C. - Texas-based Blount Fine Foods is recalling thousands of pounds of chicken tortilla soup sold under the Panera Bread at Home food label due to plastic contamination.

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    The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the company is recalling almost 6, 690 pounds of the ready-to-eat soup due to possible plastic contamination in the chicken.

    The recall includes 16-ounce plastic bowls containing Panera Bread at Home Chicken Tortilla Soup with a use-by date of 7-5-2019 and lot codes 042619-3V or 042619-4V printed on the bottom of the container.

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    The soup was shipped to distribution centers in Georgia, Florida and Arizona, according to the USDA, and only includes Panera Bread at Home products. It does not include any soups sold at Panera restaurants, the agency said.

    The problem was discovered after customer complaints, but there have been no reports of injuries.

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    The USDA is worried some customers may have the product in their freezers. It’s urging anyone who bought the soup to throw it out or return it the store of purchase.

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