Police use cadaver dogs in toddler search

ATLANTA,None — FBI agents in Atlanta continue to track down phone and bank records, trying to figure out where to even start looking for a missing 18-month-old boy.

Channel 2's Tony Thomas learned Thursday night South Carolina police are in Atlanta looking for clues as the frustration and worry grows.

"I don't like the way this case is going," Columbia, S.C., Police Chief Randy Scott said.

Scott said mother Zinah Jennings still was not cooperating with investigators Thursday. It's now been six weeks since anyone has seen her 18-month-old son, Amir Jennings.

"What we do know is that we've pretty much been able to specifically say that he's been in Atlanta with the mother, but anything that's telling us concrete that's new that Amir is safe, we don't have anything at this point," Scott said.

Police said Jennings and Amir lived in a southwest Atlanta house for several months withJennings' sister.

No one answered at the door when Thomas knocked Thursday night.

Jennings and Amir vanished in November, and then police found Jennings after a traffic accident Christmas Eve. Investigators said Jennings has told various lies about where her son is.

"To the point at one point, she even said she didn't even have a child," Scott said.

Investigators said they have used cadaver dogs when they executed search warrants at the family's home in Columbia and on Jennings's car.

Investigators said they have discovered possible leads, but won't go into detail.

"I am staying optimistic, but it's just right now we are not getting any information, anything concrete that is telling us that Amir is safe and the last location that Amir was at," Scott said.

FBI agents at the Atlanta region headquarters told Thomas they are working on "good leads" both in Atlanta and in the Augusta area.

Jennings' relatives had said they would release a statement at some point Thursday but did not, and police said they weren't able to get a hold of them, either.