Police impersonator charged after stealing damaged car from dealership

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A man posing as a police officer stole a damaged car from a Gwinnett County dealership, investigators say.

Police told Channel 2′s Tony Thomas that Christopher Griggs posed as a detective to get a relatives damaged car off the dealership lot, swap out some parts and save himself money.

A manager at the Gwinnett County dealership said Griggs walked on the lot dressed as a detective with handcuffs, a gun and a badge.

Witnesses said Griggs claimed he needed to take the car because it had been linked to a hit-and-run.

A manager for the dealership followed Griggs a few miles to a gas station on Pleasant Hill Road where police confronted Griggs.

Griggs denies claiming he was a cop but admitted he and his cousin Lakeya Reid had both the damaged car and a loaner from the dealership.

Police said Griggs eventually came clean admitting he took the damaged car, so he could swap out remaining good parts to put them on another car, leaving insurance to pay for everything.

“I believe he made some statements about some cooling parts and some other parts he was going to swap out,” Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Ryan Winderweedle said.

Griggs and Reid face felony charges because of the incident. Both have bonded out of jail.