• Photographer wants to clear his name after nude photo shoot near church

    By: Erin Coleman


    LILBURN, Ga.,None - A photographer arrested for taking nude photographs on private property says he wants the charges dropped.

    Corey Lightfoot told Channel 2's Erin Coleman he wanted to set the record straight.

    "The first thing they say is, 'At a church? Taking pictures nude pictures?' And it wasn't at a church. It wasn't even on the church property," Lightfoot said.

    Earlier this month, Gwinnett police arrested Lightfoot and Natasha Smith for taking nude pictures on a vacant lot just off Stone Mountain Freeway in Lilburn. The property is private.

    "I didn't think they would lock me up," Lightfoot said. "I didn't think I was committing any type of crime cause I come here all the time."

    Lightfoot said he likes the area because it's secluded and private. Perfect for that kind of shoot.


    And though a church is nearby, Lightfoot said, "It's like a football field away from the church, and also you got big trees that's hiding the location I was shooting in."

    "What they were doing was a violation of the law," Corporal Edwin Ritter of the Gwinnett County Police Department said. "They were on private property, they didn't have authorization to be on they,[and] were in plain view taking nude photos of this other individual."

    After the arrest, Lightfoot said someone posted no trespassing signs. The property recently went into foreclosure and is now bank owned.

    He said he won't go back there; he just wants to clear his name and move on.

    "I feel that the charges should be dropped," Lightfoot said.


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    Photographer wants to clear his name after nude photo shoot near church