• Nothing says 'Happy Valentine's Day' like burning your ex's stuff

    By: Nelson Hicks


    DULUTH, Ga. - Many couples spent Thursday night with their beloved valentine on a romantic date out on the town.

    Others spent the night burning their ex's stuff.

    GALLERY: Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like burning your ex's stuff

    Exes to ashes was the premise behind Power 96.1's promotion at Wild Bill's Valentine's Day night. The radio station provided the fire, listeners provided their ex's stuff to burn.

    Several people stopped by to set ablaze some possessions they've been holding onto. One lady stopped by with three items from three different exes. The first was a monkey stuffed animal. She commented that the man that had given her it was no good and didn't have a job. After the bear burned beyond recognition, she pulled a pair of cowboy boots out of her bag and into the fire they went. His problem was the same, he needed to get a job. A necklace got tossed into the fire, too. She had a cellphone that belonged to her former flame, but for safety reasons, decided not to give it a toss.

    Next up, a lady who said her boyfriend had cheated on her four times. She found out via Facebook. A teddy bear was the first item to get the heave-ho. That was followed by some clothing and letters.

    One man did stop by the fire. He tossed his former girlfriend's shirt.

    Fire dancing was part of the festivities Thursday night, too.

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