• Deputy ends up adopting kitten he saved from storm drain

    By: Scott Flynn, WSBTV.com


    ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Florida sheriff’s deputy has a new partner after rescuing a kitten from a storm drain. 

    Deputy Sheriff C. Bowling with the Escamabia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida was out on patrol and stopped to grab a drink. 

    As he was walking back to his cruiser, Bowling heard the sounds of a small cry coming from a storm drain nearby. 


    Bowling turned on his flashlight just in time to see a small kitten moving around in the storm drain. 

    The deputy grabbed some tuna to try and coax the kitten out, but it wasn’t interested. Bowling was finally able to get close enough to grab the kitten and get him to safety. 

    When Bowling got the kitten back to his car, he found the cat was dirty and flea-covered, with no mother in sight. 

    Bowling took the kitten to a nearby vet to be checked out. He is now clean and flea-free.

    The deputy and his wife ended up adopting the kitten and named him Rambo. 

    “Rambo is definitely enjoying his new home and snuggle time with his new family,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post

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