• Man says police arrested him after he reacted to groping


    POWDER SPRINGS, Ga.,None -  An internal affairs investigation is under way after a man claimed an officer grabbed his genitals during a videotaped traffic stop, then choked and shocked him when he reacted.

    Brice Wilson, 23, told Channel 2’s Tom Jones the encounter left him shaken and afraid.  "It was really frightening. It was very frightening," Wilson said.

    The incident happened at the intersection of Old Austell Road and Atlanta Street in Powder Springs. Wilson said the officer pulled him over because his license plate light was out.


    The officer's dashcam video system recorded the stop.  The video showed  Officer K. Moore asking Wilson to get out of his car and then telling him he smelled marijuana on him.

    "I'm gonna ask you this one time --  One time only, 'cause I smell the marijuana all on you. Where's it at?" Moore can be heard saying on the video.  The video goes on to show Wilson repeatedly saing he doesn't have any marijuana.

    The officer then calls for back up and orders Wilson to put his hands on the front of his patrol unit.  "Spread your legs," Moore said.

    The video then shows the officer grabbing Wilson's genitals.

    Jones asked Wilson if the officer in fact grabbed his crotch. "That's what it felt like. It felt like he violated me and I told him that," he said.

    The dashcam video showed when Wilson reacted by grabbing the officer's hand, Moore put him in a chokehold, and another officer hit him and both officers took him to the ground.

    Both officers then screamed at Wilson:  "Where's it at? Where's it at?" 

    "I told you I don't have it," Wilson hollered back.  The two officers then raised Wilson's handcuffed arms high behind his back. He screamed in agony.     

    The officers said Wilson wouldn't be still so they shocked him with a stun gun.

    "Help! Help!" Wilson screamed on the video.

    "We got a serious tactic being employed by the police here," Jim Howard, Wilson's attorney said of the officers' actions. 

    Howard said officers grabbing men's genitals is a strategy aimed at getting a reaction out of them.

    "You get grabbed in the genital area as a young man, it's impossible not to react. You have to react," he said.

    Once an arrestee reacts, Howard said, the officer can say a crime was committed and he can then search the arrestee any way he wants.

    "If police officers continue to believe that they can get away with this, we're all at danger. In fact, we move a step closer to not being America," Howard said.

    Powder Springs police wouldn't say much about the incident since it's under investigation.

    "Once we became aware of the incident we immediately launched an internal affairs investigation," Maj. Matt Boyd said.

    Wilson doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. "It felt horrible, it felt painful, it felt embarrassing," he said.

    Police never found any marijuana on Wilson. The Delta Airlines employee wants the resisting arrest charge he faces dropped because he said he was cooperating until he was shocked and the officer touched his genitals.

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