• Son of slayed Coca-Cola executive says he forgives mother's killer


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Clayton County jury found a man guilty Friday in the murder of a Coca-Cola executive.

    Herbert Lowe, 61, lay his head low as a jury foreman read the verdict to the judge Friday.

    "As to the county of felony murder we the jury find the defendant guilty," he said.

    It took the jury six hours to convict Lowe on every count he faced in connection with the 2013 murder of his estranged live-in girlfriend and Coca-Cola marketing executive, Lisa Davis.

    “We're very pleased with the verdict. The DA’s office takes seriously crimes against women," prosecutor Katie Powers said Friday.

    Davis' son Terry Cannon sat heartbroken in court Friday, and each day of Lowe's weeklong trial.

    "I really appreciate the jury, they did a wonderful job as far as paying attention," Cannon said.

    Prosecutors argued Lowe shot Davis in the back after she threw him out of the house. They said Lowe then held her friend, who heard the shots, at gunpoint for hours.  Lowe claimed he shot Davis in self-defense.

    "These types of cases are always difficult, because he was the only remaining witness to that confrontation, so his story is there and it's our job to show the jury why it's simply not believable," Powers said.

    Cannon said he has forgiven Lowe and that his family is looking toward the future.

    "My mom she's not here no more, but I believe that she lives through me and everybody that she touched,” Cannon said.  "There's definitely always going to be that void there, you know? I’m just happy to get another chapter of my life behind me, so I can move forward, you know what I’m saying?"

    The judge has not yet set a sentencing date for Lowe, but with his conviction, he faces a life sentence.

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    Son of slayed Coca-Cola executive says he forgives mother's killer

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