• Man Flying To Atlanta Had Fake ID, Boarding Pass


    ATLANTA,None - Authorities are investigating a major airline security breach after a Nigerian man with an outdated boarding pass and someone else's ID managed to get on a plane in New York City.

    Investigators said Olajide Noibi boarded the Virgin America flight at JFK airport last Friday night.

    Authorities said the date on the stolen boarding pass said June 23, when it was June 24. It also had the flight listed as 413, but the flight Noibi took was flight 415.

    Investigators said Noibi was able to get on the plane without ever showing a boarding pass.

    “The fact that the individual was able to get on the airplane, that's probably our weakest link. The fact that it's a male, for instance, holding a coupon with a male name. That's about as much as you need to get you past the computer,” ABC aviation consultant John Nancel said.

    Investigators said no one knew a thing until early Wednesday morning when Noibi tried boarding Delta flight 46 from Los Angeles to Atlanta with another outdated boarding pass.

    FBI agents took him into custody. The agents said they found at least 10 other boarding passes when they searched Noibi’s bag.

    Noibi told officers that he spent the night sleeping inside LAX at gate 51, a secure place he was not supposed to be.

    It is unclear why Noibi was coming to Atlanta.

    Officials have him charged with being a stowaway.

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