• Women targeted in multiple robberies along Peachtree Street apartments, police say

    By: Matt Johnson


    ATLANTA - Robberies targeting women coming home to their apartments at night has people on alert. 

    A witness told Channel 2's Matt Johnson he saw a man in all black scaling the fences that separate two apartment complexes right after two women were robbed behind a gate.

    What happened is part of a trio of robberies where women are home inside gated communities are still targeted.

    "It ruins the safety illusion that i have in my head," said Kelly Quintana. Quintana said she hasn't had to use the pepper spray she keeps with her but with women near her being robbed as they come home - she's prepared.

    "Now, it's like even more aware of whats going on around me," she said.

    Three robberies happened Thursday within a mile of each along Peachtree Street in Midtown and Buckhead.

    It has nearby SCAD students on alert.


    "I won't be by myself, and I won't walk at night," said student Alexis Brown.

    Atlanta police said an armed robber ambushed a woman in the parking deck at the 1660 Peachtree Apartments at around four in the morning Thursday.

    Just a mile away at the Brookwood Valley Apartments, a man in all black clothes robbed a woman at gunpoint as she walked home at around 11 at night.

    Another woman had little time to react when police say the same robber ran and pointed a gun at her as she got out of her car in the same complex.

    "It could happen to anyone, and it's mainly women that it happens to and it's a horrible thing," said Gabby Estevez.

    Atlanta police are working to see if the same person targeted all three women.

    In the mean time they say the Zone 2 crime suppression team and APEX officers will be active in the area while the crimes are unsolved.

    Some women who live nearby say they won't be letting their guard down.

    "I'm probably going to just ask people to walk with me, that's as much as I can do," Quintana said.

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