• Woman says angry pit bulls held her in home for 18 hours

    By: Craig Lucie


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Clayton County woman says she was trapped in her home for more than 18 hours after two pit bulls chased her into her home and wouldn't leave.

    “All of a sudden two blue-nosed pits come charging after me. I ran and tripped and ran into the house,” said Vicky Martinez.

    Martinez says she then ran to her backyard to grab her two Chihuahuas and that's when she started recording video on her cellphone.

    In the video you can see the blue-nosed pit bulls frantically biting the metal fence and slowly slipping under.

    Martinez says she quickly backed away as the dogs maneuvered their way under the fence.

    “I took off running onto the porch, done threw my Chihuahuas in the inside. I was terrified about it because I did have pit bulls. It’s the reaction of them. I have had a pit bull attack this one and they were raised together,” Martinez said as she held her two Chihuahuas.

    Martinez said she was stranded in her house for nearly a day.

    “For about 18 hours,” Martinez said.

    When officers arrived, they couldn't catch the dogs running from the backyard to the front yard.

    “You could hear a growl. The cop told me, ‘Jump on (my) car’ and I said, ‘Oh (expletive),’ and I run into the house and slid into the house,” Martinez said.

    Channel 2’s Craig Lucie tracked down the owners of the dogs a block away.

    “They jumped the fence. The dogs didn't do nothing. They was just playing,” Alejandro Mendoza told Lucie about the incident.
    Mendoza said the dogs are only about 6 months old and they were not aggressive toward Lucie or his photographer.

    Mendoza said he is having the dogs neutered next month and they are playful with other children and dogs in the neighborhood when they are not in his backyard.

    Mendoza said he has already made repairs to his fence so they can’t get out again.

    Martinez said as a former pit bull owner, she wasn't going to take a chance.

    “I'd be devastated. This one right here…I’ve had for bookoos of years,” Martinez said as she held her 13-year-old Chihuahua named Chico.

    Animal Control cited Mendoza and his family for not having a proper enclosure, and they received a public nuisance ticket.

    They have a court date next month and Vicky Martinez told Lucie that she would be there.

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