Woman found dead at bottom of Stone Mountain; GBI investigating

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — A woman went hiking on Stone Mountain and when her family didn't hear from her for three days, they filed a missing person report. That was when police found her body at the bottom of the mountain

The family is waiting for Stone Mountain Park police or the GBI to determine the cause of death. Both agencies are investigating her death, and her family is anxious to find out how she ended up dead.

Nikolletta Kallenteris, better known as "Nikki," was visiting Stone Mountain from Florida in June.

Relatives believe she made it to the top of the mountain because they received text messages from her phone. But then, they didn't hear from Kallenteris for three days.


That was when relatives called police and filed a missing person report.

That same day, police found her body at the bottom of the mountain.

They called GBI to assist and the investigation is still active.

Neighbors think the death is suspicious.

"It's the society we live in today. It's just that simple and this is not a real safe area," one neighbor said.

Stone Mountain Park police and the GBI told Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes they will not share what they've learned so far in the investigation because it is still active.

The family isn't quite ready to talk about this publicly yet, but they are keeping up with this investigation