• Woman deters fake cop

    By: Carl Willis


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga.,None - A fake police officer stopped a woman in Paulding County on Wednesday night. Now, real law enforcement authorities are searching for him.

    Investigators said the man had flashing blue lights installed in his car. They said he approached the woman on Hitchcock Rd.

    Almost immediately, the woman suspected something was odd, deputies said. They said she did pull over, but once stopped, she took a closer look at the man who just pulled her over.

    "It was very dark in this area of the roadway and the lights were bright in her eyes, and she was unable to clearly see what he looked like," said Sgt. Brandon Gurley.

    However, she did see that the man's car looked like an unmarked, undercover vehicle. She was also able to see that he stood about 6 feet 2, inches and was wearing a dark-colored jumpsuit with no badge and no name tag.

    It was around midnight and the woman was alone. Deputies said the man kept asking her to get out of her car. They said the man took her license, claiming that he needed to run, but the victim reported that she did not see a computer in his car.

    He eventually told her that she could go with a warning but asked her to step out of the car once more, deputies said. Instead, investigators said she asked the man to follow her to the grocery store parking lot up the road.

    "He didn't want to do that, so he asked her again to get out, and she refused," said Gurley. "He eventually just became frustrated and stated 'never mind' and turned to his vehicle to leave."

    Deputies said incidents like this make their jobs harder and hurt public trust.

    If drivers feel unsafe during a traffic stop, Gurley said they can slow down, turn on the hazard lights to let them know you plan on stopping, and then drive to the closest public area.

    "They can even dial 911 from their cellphone to ask the dispatcher if, in fact, a real police officer is attempting to stop their car on the road they're traveling on," Gurley said.

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