• Will 'American Idol's new superstar judges bring the brutal honesty?

    By: Allie Goolrick


    HOLLYWOOD - Move over Simon, Paula and Randy, there's a new crew at the helm of 'American Idol!'

    America's beloved singing competition is back this Sunday, but the reboot of the show after its 2-year hiatus has some new faces.

    Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Georgia's own Luke Bryan are taking over and breathing new life into the 16-year-old franchise.

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    So what do Richie, Perry and Bryan have to bring to the judges' table? Each superstar brings a very different background and genre to the role: Richie is the funk and soul veteran, Perry is the pop princess and Bryan is the country superstar. But mix that all together and you get a wealth of experience and even more chemistry.

    "There's such an incredible mutual respect and everybody has their strengths and knows their different wheelhouses," Perry told GMA in an interview last year.

    "We're a crossover package for sure," Richie added.

    Perry has dubbed the new judging crew the 'dream team,' but will any of them be harsh enough to carry on Simon Cowell's tradition of brutal criticism? That remains to be seen. The trio says it's more about supporting the artists and trying to cultivate a potential superstar than tearing anyone down.

    "I think what we have most of all is 'What do we do with all of this knowledge at the other end of the career?' Richie told GMA. "Well, we have to give it back. We have to share it."

    Richie's role as the 'veteran' has cast him firmly in the 'dad' role, which certainly fits, since many younger viewers know him first and foremost as Nichole Richie's father. But Richie also brings decades of experience to the team as a five-time Grammy winner, one of the world's best-selling artists of all time and if you aren't sold yet, Michael Jackson's co-writer on "We are the World" among other massive Richie hits.

    "I just sit there on the table and I'm like, 'really Lionel? you hung out with Prince and Michael and Whitney? Tell us more,'" Perry joked to GMA.

    Perry is no slouch herself: Last year, the pop superstar became the first artist in history to go 'diamond' 3 times, passing the 10-million mark for record sales on three of her hits, "Roar," "Dark Horse" and "Firework."

    Leesburg native and two-time CMA Atist of the Year Bryan rounds out the trio, and we've gotta admit we're pretty stoked to have the Georgia boy on the team.

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