Want a physical pic from your phone immediately? Polaroid may have you covered

Old tech is showing off their new upgrades at this year's CES

LAS VEGAS — There's a ton of new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year -- and there's also old tech getting an upgrade.

Your smartphone makes taking pictures easy and fun, but if you are nostalgic and want a physical copy of that photograph, Polaroid is offering a high-tech version of an old standard.

The pocket printer works with an app via Bluetooth to get those pictures off your phone and into your hand.

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"Through the app, you can add filters, stickers and boarders to your pictures right from your camera roll," said Andrea Recine, with Polaroid.

A much more sophisticated image technology is Envision 3D.


Developed by Aris MD, the Envision allows radio lists to look at diagnostic imaging in 3D and in real-time.

"We are looking to save time, save money, and most importantly to save lives," Scott Edgar, with Aris MD, said. "What that means is they can take these traditionally flat images and look at them in an organic 3D capacity. Which allows them to make a diagnosis much more quickly and accurately."

Aris hopes to get their technology into the hands of all radiologists.

"I think one of the thing that distinguishes us from other products is the ability to do auto segmentation, which is the ability to separate different parts of the body automatically without a radiologist having to go in and mark up the images and determine what belongs to which portion," Aris said.