• Walmart greeter at center of 'blessed day' controversy honored


    ATLANTA - A Walmart greeter known for telling customers to “have a blessed day” is being honored by state lawmakers at the capitol building.

    Walmart greeter James Phillips enjoyed the spotlight as one of the most famous Walmart employees in the nation.

    Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary spoke with Philips on Monday inside the state Capitol.

    Phillips made headlines when he was told he couldn’t tell customers to have a blessed day at the Blue Ridge Walmart.

    According to Phillips, management pulled him aside and said a customer complained. When he was told not to say the phrase, Phillips told management he would just quit.

    “When they told me I was a greeter, I would say, ‘Have a good day. Have a good day,’ and the Lord spoke to me and said have a blessed day,” Phillips said.

    Support for Phillips poured in from around the nation, leading many to call Walmart Corporate Headquarters.

    Once Phillips’ story hit social media, Walmart had a change of heart.

    “Walmart’s my friend,” said Phillips. “They’ve been good to me. I’d like to say God bless Walmart. I appreciate all them.”

    Phillips tells Geary he is truly honored to be recognized by state lawmakers.

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