Video provides new clues in murder of business owner

ATLANTA — Police say video from a MARTA bus could reveal new clues in the case of a man who was killed five years ago.

Ronald Clark, 57, had just cashed a check at a store on Marietta Boulevard in 2013 when he was beaten with a hammer, shot and killed as he was driving his van.

“One of the suspects gets out of the vehicle and gets into the back seat of Mr. Clark’s vehicle. A second suspect also exits this Jeep and goes in and scopes the inside of Sunny’s,” lead detective Kevin Otts said.

Police believe the murder was orchestrated by someone Clark knew.

“I don’t see how you can wake in the morning knowing you did that to somebody and be OK with yourself,” said Annette Hendley, the victim’s daughter.


Otts believes one of the suspects worked for Clark, who owned a furniture-making business.

“The only people who would have known that he was cashing a big check that day were his employees,” he said.

Police say new video from a MARTA bus shows Clark’s final moments as he fought for his life and overpowered the suspect by grabbing the hammer.

Otts said he believes that’s what led the killer to shoot Clark in the stomach before bailing from the victim’s van and jumping into a black Jeep that was trailing behind.

“It’s frustrating having this much evidence and they’re running free,” Otts said.

Police said they also have new DNA evidence since the alleged killer dropped both the hammer and the gun while trying to get away.