• Toddler born with birth defects walks for the first time


    Two years after doctors urged the mother of Kayden Kinckle to terminate her pregnancy, faith and the toddlers determination allowed him to walk for the first time.

    The video the 2-year-old boy walking using a walker is going viral.

    A video posted to NFL quarterback Michael Vick's Facebook page has been shared over 100,000 times as of Monday afternoon.

    In the video, you can hear young Kayden saying, “I got this.” He then repeats to himself, “I got it,” as he attempts to walk with little to no assistance.

    According to a fundraising website, Kayden was born with a birth defect called omphalocele, a defect where an infant’s organs remains outside of his/her body.

    He also had a band wrap around his legs and feet while in the womb, which led to some deformity.

    After two abdominal surgeries in January, Kayden’s right foot and leg were amputated. Kayden’s mother said she was advised by doctors to terminate her pregnancy, but prayerfully pushed through it.

    Kayden is currently learning to walk with a walker and his family hopes he can attend a camp for children with prosthetics in Atlanta when he is old enough.

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    Toddler born with birth defects walks for the first time

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