• Thieves hit home vacated for mold removal

    By: Tom Regan


    ALPHARETTA - Thieves struck at an Alpharetta home where a mother and daughter had vacated for mold removal last week.

    "I feel double victimized," said resident Rebbeca Breaux.  

    Breaux told Channel 2's Tom Regan that she and her daughter became ill from the mold inside their leased home. When she contacted the leasing company, Silver Bay, to complain about the mold issue, they were instructed to move to a motel while crews worked to remove the mold and make renovations. 

    Breaux said a company representative assured that she need not worry about security at her home during the process. 

    "He said ‘All your valuable and your personal stuff will be fine. I wouldn't let anyone in the house that would harm or take any of your possessions,’" Breaux said

    Breaux said she visited the home after a cleaning crew left last week and discovered thousands of dollars in keepsake jewelry and other valuables were gone. 

    "I went straight to this box, my mother's diamond rings were gone. I broke down and cried and cried" Breaux said.

    The thieves also stole a diamond necklace, expensive watches and a vintage .22-caliber handgun owned by Breaux’s grandfather. 

    The burglars also ransacked her daughter's room, rifling through drawers and closets. 

    "They took my iPhone 4s, they took some money out of my dresser. They took some headphones that went to my iPad. I feel very violated and upset," said 15-year-old Rachel Clayman. 

    Breaux said her alarm system had been turned off and her flat screen TV had been unhooked, leading her to believe the thieves planned to return. 

    She said that she spent more $2,000 on the motel stay and since she is staying in a rented home, her losses are not insured. She said the management company needs to reimburse her motel expenses and cover the theft of her belongings.  

    "It's just like I sleep with one eye open now. And I can tell you, the management company hasn't even offered to say 'what can we do,'" Breaux said.

    A representative send this response to Channel 2 Action News when asked for a comment. 

    "We have been in communication with and are aware of the resident's circumstances. We are committed to, and take pride in being responsive to our residents' needs and work diligently to address our residents' concerns but do not comment publicly with specifics on private, ongoing residential matters," said Anh Huynh, director of investor relations, Silver Bay Realty Trust Company.

    Alpharetta police have opened an investigation into the burglary and are working to make an arrest.

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