• These cars are the top 'target' for thieves -- and it might surprise you

    By: Clark Howard


    ATLANTA - Some may be thinking that because they have an older car or truck, that they aren’t targets for thieves, but Channel 2’s Consumer Advisor Clark Howard said that's not true.

    Howard said no matter what car you own, there are steps you may need to take to make sure your vehicle is protected.

    Howard got his hands on a list of the most stolen vehicles in America and if you think that a fancy red sports car is what a crook is looking for, guess again.

    Criminals steal vehicles that can be sold for their parts at a huge profit.

    So the cars or trucks that people tend to keep year after year are the ones that are likely to be stolen.


    Number one and number two on the national list is the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic, followed by several pickup trucks.

    Two most stolen vehicles.

    Click here to view a list of the ten most stolen vehicles in America, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau Hot Wheels report. The NICB offers a look at the most stolen motor vehicles of any make, model and year during the past calendar year.

    Howard advises that unless the car or truck is older than dirt, figuratively speaking, you may want to consider having comprehensive coverage so that in the event it’s stolen, you’ll get paid for the theft if it’s never recovered. 

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