• Teen's death sparks talk about Stand Your Ground law

    By: Alina Machado


    MARIETTA, Ga. - The murder of a Georgia teen is sparking new talk about the Stand Your Ground law.

    Jordan Davis was gunned down at a Jacksonville, Fla., gas station in an argument over loud music on Nov 23.

    Authorities said Michael Dunn got into an argument with Davis and his friends over their loud music. Moments later, they believe Dunn fired up to nine shots into the car, killing Davis.

    Dunn told investigators he acted in self-defense. Davis' mother, Lucia McBath, is questioning that assertion.

    "There were no weapons, no guns, no drugs, no alcohol," said McBath. "The kids had stopped to get gum and candy. They were like 10 minutes away from home."

    It is unclear if Dunn will be using Florida's Stand Your Ground law in his defense. McBath believes the law, which allows the use of deadly force in certain situations, may have led to the shooting.

    "What gives them the right to do that?" said McBath. "It's that law. It's that law [that] is giving them the right to do that and it's wrong."

    McBath said Davis was her only son. She said he was born in Georgia, but moved to Florida to live with his father in 2011 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.

    McBath remembers her son as a prankster, who always had a smile on his face.

    "Jordan was the light of my life," said McBath. "He was a very happy child. He really enjoyed life."

    As she mourns his death, McBath is vowing to fight to change the Stand Your Ground law.

    "Whatever we need to do to try to change the laws so that nobody else suffers," said McBath. "We're going to do it for you, too. Not just for Jordan."

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