• Teen takes plea deal in manslaughter case


    ATLANTA - A teenager has agreed to prison time for the death of Bishop Wiley Jackson’s brother.

    Channel 2’s Ryan Young has been covering the killing for nearly a year and says the case is far from over.

    Alejandro Pitts pleaded guilty to manslaughter gang activity and armed robbery. He took a plea deal that will send him to prison on a 30-year sentence with 25 years to serve.

    “During the course of the armed robbery, the other four defendants approached individuals with guns. Both Mr. Jackson as well as Ms. Little were standing outside of their home at this point in time. They were forced to the ground,” Fulton County prosecutor Gabe Banks said.

    Young said Banks laid out what happened to Jerrick Jackson and his family last year during a violent home invasion. Young said Jackson went to get a milkshake for his fiancés’ daughter, after returning to their home, he and his fiancé were approached by armed robbers.

    “The victims were then forced to get up and enter the house. They were very concerned about who was in the house and what other personal belongings were in the house,” Banks said.

    Jerrick Jackson is the brother of Bishop Wiley Jackson. He and his fiancée gave the armed robbers their money and cellphones without a struggle.

    When the armed men wanted to go upstairs to his fiancé’s daughter’s room, a struggle took place.

    “Mr. Jackson was downstairs. He had been shot four times,” Banks said.  

    Four other men will face trial. Their charges include murder and participation in criminal street gang activity.

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