• Mom says Conyers teen severely beat her 13-year-old son

    By: Tom Jones


    ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. - A middle school student was arrested after authorities say he brutally beat a classmate in the school's bathroom.

    The 13-year-old was beaten so badly his mother says he blacked out. Rockdale County Sheriff's deputies say it happened in a bathroom at Conyers Middle School Sept. 19. Channel 2's Tom Jones asked the victim what he remembered about the attack. Channel 2 Action News concealed the student's identity per his mother's request.

    "All I remember is going in there and getting picked up," he said.

    It left him with a swollen face, a busted lip, the roof of his mouth is damaged, and his two front teeth were knocked out of place.

    "His two teeth are pretty much detached, they're being held in by a bonding agent," his mother, Kameron Butler, said.

    Police arrested a 14-year-old classmate who was the victim's friend.

    "Well, they're not a friend at all, are they?" the victim said.

    The student faces a battery charge in Juvenile Court. Deputies say the 14-year-old accused the victim of spitting on him while he was in a bathroom stall.

    The victim's mother said the student lured her son to another bathroom where several other boys were waiting. She said one student blocked the door.

    "Because my son couldn't even leave," Butler said.

    Deputies said that's when the 14-year-old severely beat the victim. The 13-year-old said the pain was unbearable.

    (It felt) like somebody just jumping on your face 20 times," he said.

    His mother finds it hard to believe a middle school student could be so violent.

    "This is not acceptable behavior at all," Butler said.

    She wants the students who were in the bathroom and did nothing punished as well. Rockdale County Schools said the incident is under investigation.

    The 14-year-old has been suspended for 10 days and will not be allowed to come back to the school.

    The victim is on a liquid diet and his injuries are so severe he hasn't returned to school.

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