South Fulton County

Parents of young girls with asthma plead with apartment management to fix A/C

EAST POINT, Ga. — An East Point family says they've been without working air conditioning in their apartment for more than a week now, and they're upset that the management company hasn’t fixed it despite numerous requests.

To make matters worse, the couple who lives in the home says both their young daughters, 8 and 3 years old, have asthma and it’s dangerous for them to sleep in the hot apartment.

“It’s literally been miserable all this past week. The temperatures have been 90 and above,” Christopher Wright said.

"I've cried, like, God, I don't know what else I can do," Letia Wright said. "It can risk (the kids) having an asthma attack, a heat stroke."


The Wrights said the air conditioning was not the first problem at the apartment.

“Any time we've tried to talk to the maintenance people or the leasing office, corporate, they just continue to give us the runaround,” Christopher Wright said.

For two days, Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman tried to reach someone in the Parkside at Camp Creek leasing office.

On Thursday, Hyman finally decided to walk right in, but the woman in the office wouldn’t even take her card or answer her questions.

There was no website that Hyman could find. Residents gave her the name of a possible management company. She tried to call but did not get a response.

Meanwhile, the Wright family said they're literally at a boiling point and are running out of options.

“It’s hurtful because I have no control of this,” Letia Wright said.

According to the property appraiser's office, the property is owned by an LLC with a New York address.

The Wrights said they’re looking to move, but they just paid two months’ worth of rent.

They are also considering legal action.