• Sen. Chambliss cites frustration as cause for not seeking re-election


    ATLANTA - U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., announced he will not run for re-election in 2014.

    Chambliss has been a senator for 10 years, and served as a congressman for eight years prior.

    “I am humbled by and grateful for the extraordinary trust of Georgians, who have allowed me to represent them for 20 years in the United States House and Senate,” Chambliss said.

    In a statement released Friday morning, Chambliss stressed his confidence that he could win re-election, noting that he has broadened his support due to stances he has taken.

    “Instead, this is about frustration, both at a lack of leadership from the White House and at the dearth of meaningful action from Congress, especially on issues that are the foundation of our nation’s economic health. The debt-ceiling debacle of 2011 and the recent fiscal-cliff vote showed Congress at its worst and, sadly, I don’t see the legislative gridlock and partisan posturing improving anytime soon. For our nation to be strong, for our country to prosper, we cannot continue to play politics with the American economy,” Chambliss said.

    Chambliss touted his track record supporting members of the armed forces and his chairmanship of the House Terrorism Subcommittee in the wake of September 11.

    “There are two years left in my term, and there is lots left to do. I am in good health, and I plan to continue working hard to represent the best interests of Georgians, and to do my utmost to help restore America to its economic greatness,” Chambliss said.

    Fellow Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., issued a statement shortly after Chambliss announced his decision. Isakson discussed his 51-year friendship with Chambliss, beginning when they met at the University of Georgia.

    “Our state and our country are better because of Saxby Chambliss. I will miss him dearly after 2014, but I look forward to working with him for two more years in the Senate to tackle the tough issues facing our county,” Isakson said.

    Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed also issued a statement on Friday.

    "I congratulate Senator Saxby Chambliss on his service to the people of the great State of Georgia and to the United States of America as a two-term U.S. Senator. I wish him and his family all the best as he concludes a distinguished public career. Today is a day to acknowledge his many contributions to our state and nation rather than to focus on politics," Reed said.

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