• Rapper 2 Chainz arrested after 8-hour bus standoff


    ATLANTA - Police arrested College Park rapper 2 Chainz and 10 other men after an eight-hour standoff on a tour bus.

    An officer in Oklahoma City stopped the tour bus on Interstate 40 because the bus had a tail light out.

    The officer said he found obvious evidence of drug use on the bus and took the driver into custody.

    PHOTOS: 2 Chainz and 10 others arrested

    Once the officer stepped out of the bus with the driver, someone closed the bus door and locked it, authorities said.

    Officials said Tauheed Epps, known as 2 Chainz, and 10 others refused to come out of the bus.


    Eventually deputies decided to tow the tour bus back to the sheriff’s office and wait for the men to emerge.

    Eight hours passed before investigators were able to obtain a search warrant and enter the vehicle.

    When the suspect finally left the bus, officers said they found narcotics inside.

    Eleven people have been charged with obstruction of a police officer. Officials said drug charges could follow. The entire group has bonded out of jail.

    It’s been a difficult summer for 2 Chainz, who was robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco in June.

    He was arrested a few days later on possession of marijuana charges.  In February, Maryland police arrested him for marijuana possession.

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