• Psychologist: Hemy Neuman not criminally responsible for death


    DECATUR, Ga.,None - After the prosecution rested, Hemy Neuman’s defense team is now presenting its case to show that Neuman was insane when he shot and killed a man in front of a Dunwoody day care.

    Dr. Adriana Flores, a forensic psychologist, testified first thing Thursday morning about her evaluations of Neuman.

    Neuman is accused of shooting and killing Rusty Sneiderman in November 2010.

    Flores testified that based on detailed summaries of the case and her own clinical evaluation of Neuman, she found that Neuman is not criminally responsible for Sneiderman’s death. She said this is the first time she has testified that someone is not responsible for murder.

    Neuman’s attorneys have admitted that he was the gunman but say he was suffering from delusions at the time. He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

    Flores said Neuman did not have the capacity to determine the difference between right and wrong in the shooting because he had bipolar disorder with psychosis, a mental illness. She said his disorder is characterized by four periods of depression and seven manic episodes. She said he did suffer delusions and was not exaggerating or faking them.

    Both the defense and the prosecution allege that Neuman was having an affair with Sneiderman's wife, Andrea Sneiderman. She denied the allegations repeatedly while on the stand last week.

    Flores described Neuman's views on his relationship with Andrea Sneiderman as an "eromatic delusion." She said he thought he had more of a relationship with her than he really did.

    Flores testified that Neuman also a "rescue delusion," believing that he was the father of the Sneidermans' children and that the children were in danger. Neuman believed he was protecting his children by shooting Rusty Sneiderman, Flores said.

    The prosecution said delusions of an affair do not prove Neuman was mentally ill, alleging that the affair was real. They will also present a doctor later in the trial who also interviewed Neuman and will testify that Neuman is smart enough to have researched symptoms in order to fake them.

    After explaining her credentials, Flores said the prosecution had also tried to hire her, but she had already been retained by the defense.


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    Psychologist: Hemy Neuman not criminally responsible for death