• Press Release: Johns Creek Mayor puts city in jeopardy, says Council members


    In yet another staged attempt to deflect his abuse of power investigation, Mayor Mike Bodker today joined City Council member Kelly Stewart in requesting the resignation of City Manager John Kachmar – a direct violation of the City’s charter and a probable violation of Kachmar’s civil rights, said Council Member Randall Johnson.

    “Equally important, the Mayor’s unilateral assault on Mr. Kachmar puts the City at risk of civil action,” added Johnson, who spoke on behalf of himself and fellow council members Karen Richardson, Brad Raffensperger and Ivan Figueroa.

    Johnson said neither Bodker nor Stewart discussed their actions with any other member of Council, nor were these actions condoned by any other member of Council.

    Bodker’s news release and Stewart’s press conference last Friday followed an alleged Oct. 7 incident between Kachmar and Mayor supporter Gerald Bush.  The incident is being investigated by The Johns Creek Police Department.

    “It is obvious to the four of us, that there is a concerted effort by Bodker, Stewart and their supporters to deflect public attention away from the investigation into the Mayor’s alleged corrupt behavior,” said Richardson.

    “It is a pattern of bullying behavior directed towards anyone who’s given testimony against him,” Johnson added, referring to two other actions:

    • Bodker supporters filed a separate complaint Oct. 8 against the deputy city manager.
    • Bodker supporters requested information on filing recall motions against two council members not running for re-election. (Both have given testimony in the investigation.)

    “We’re not joining any call for the resignation of our city manager over an alleged verbal altercation,” said Richardson.  “The Mayor is under investigation for serious offences in which he flagrantly disregards our charter in order to forward his political agenda.  He ought to be the one resigning.”



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    Press Release: Johns Creek Mayor puts city in jeopardy, says Council members

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