Preschool teacher arrested, charged with running major drug operation out of her home

Neighbors alerted police when they saw strange activity at her home.

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Worried neighbors tipped off police to strange activity in their apartment complex and now a preschool teacher is accused of running a major drug operation.

Police say this ended up being a classic case of "see something, say something."

Neighbors led investigators to a teacher's home, and a large-scale drug operation.

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"For a one-bedroom in McDonough, that's a kilo of cocaine, that's a large amount of cocaine," said Major Chad Rosborough, commander of Flint Circuit Drug Task Force.


Warrants show exactly what Henry County investigators say they uncovered in a preschool teacher's home.

An AR-15, a kilo of crack and powder cocaine, 30 grams of weed, a money counter, vacuum sealer, scale baggies and cocaine residue all over the apartment. It was a large-scale drug operation that bystanders couldn't miss.

Alma Nichole Jones, 33, and the man who lived with her, Adrian Barlow, 34, are facing felony drug possession, trafficking and weapons charges after a raid of their Henry County apartment earlier this month.

Jones is a preschool teacher here at Livingston Elementary School in Newton County.

Neighbors led investigators to a teacher's home and a large-scale drug operation.

"We had no information of her being a teacher. No information that she was doing anything at the school or no information about the school being involved at all," Rosborough said.

In fact, investigators said they were originally staking out her apartment to watch for Barlow but gathered enough evidence during the raid to file the same drug charges against Jones.

"Definitely not for personal use. Not something they had just for personal use. For that area, that's a large amount of drugs for that area," Rosborough said.

In the school system'a statement Newton County said Jones is on leave pending their internal investigation.

No bond information has been released for the pair.

They are due back in court next month.