• Police look into possibility that park ranger shooting may be accidental

    By: Tony Thomas


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Gwinnett County police told Channel 2 Action News they aren't sure Tuesday's shooting of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger was an attempted suicide by cop.

    Investigators so far have found only one bullet casing from the scene at Lower Buford Dam Park and now believe Qiana Moore, 34, may have only intended to shoot herself.

    Park Ranger D.P. Wright was shot in the stomach and is recovering from his wounds.

    "There is the possibility that the bullet that killed her is also the one that struck the ranger," Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Jake Smith told Channel 2's Tony Thomas.

    "They did find a handgun they believed was used and a note that indicates the shooter's intention to commit suicide," Smith said.

    Smith said with only one casing found, investigators are looking at the theory the lone bullet went through Moore's body, through the window of her car and then struck Wright.

    Wright said he was closing down the park and approached Moore as she sat in her car to warn her the gate was going to be locked.

    Police released the 911 call recording to Channel 2 Action News.

    "I need an officer," said Wright to a dispatcher.

    He told her he got shot, "in the left side, right under my belt."

    Even after being wounded, the 70-year-old Ranger was able to scamper to the front of the park and lock the gate. He was making an effort apparently to prevent his shooter to escape in her car. He also flagged down a passing motorcyclist for help.

    "It was just dark. I know it was a lady," Wright told the dispatcher on the recording.

    "OK. Is she? And you said she's on foot?" the dispatcher asked Wright.

    "All I saw was a flash," Wright said.

    Police are looking for additional clues in Moore's vehicle as they try to find additional shell casings to prove if the incident was suicide by cop or if Wright's shooting was accidental.

    They said autopsy results from the medical examiner's office will also prove helpful in reaching a decision.
    "At this point we can't say if either one is more true than the other," Smith said.

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