• Police: Ex-superintendent's son caught with knife in school


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - The son of a former Clayton County school superintendent is accused of bringing a knife to campus.

    Anthony Heatley, 18, is just a few weeks from graduation. The son of former superintendent Edmond Heatley attends Jonesboro High School.

    A source in the school district told Channel 2’s Wendy Corona that a teacher spotted the knife with a 3-inch pop-up blade in Heatley’s back pocket.

    Heatley was charged with a felony and has since bonded out of the Clayton County Jail.

    A school spokesman said bringing a knife to school is a clear violation of the student handbook.

    Parent Ben Benson told Corona that Heatley should be punished to the full extent.

    “They need to enforce it with the law to set an example so people won’t bring guns or knives thinking it’s OK,” Benson said.

    The school district would not comment on this specific case. Corona went to the Heatley home for comment but the person inside did not answer the door.

    Heatley could be suspended for up to 10 days. The school could request a tribunal which could include suspension, expulsion or alternative school.

    A spokesman said parents were not notified of the knife because the incident did not involve another student.

    Edmond Heatley resigned as superintendent in August 2012 after three years on the job.

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