• Parents to meet with school officials about Islam curriculum


    WALTON COUNTY, Ga. - A father is meeting with school officials this week after several parents complained that their children are being forced to learn about Islam.
    The State Department of Education is now getting involved.
    “What they are learning goes against my religion completely,” said parent Michelle King.
    The parents involved in Walton County say they are fired up about the new curriculum being taught on Islam.
    “Like my daughter had to learn the Shahid and the Five Pillars of Islam, which is what you learn to convert. Nut they never once learned anything about the Ten Commandments or anything about God,” King said.
    Some of the parents shared the homework assignments with Channel 2 Action News. A statement that caught the attention of one father read:
    “Allah is the same God worshiped by Jews and Christians.”
    “It seemed like half the truth to me, they didn't talk about the extreme Islamics,” said father Steven Alsup.
    In an email, a spokesperson with the Department of Education wrote:
    "The standard for seventh grade given to educators is to "compare and contrast the prominent religions in the Middle East: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The teachers resource guide advises ‘This element is not an evaluation of any religion, nor is it a course in the belief system of any religion.’”

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