• Parents post message saying conjoined twins passed away


    ATLANTA - Channel 2 Action News has learned that a set of conjoined twins being treated at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston have passed away.

    “I am sad, so sad to say that my sons passed away today at 5 o’clock. They fought long and hard. They were doing real good last night. Had no problems other than a little breathing problem, but they were fairly good. They were holding their own. Early this morning they started having a little bit of heart issues,” said Michael Hamby in a video he posted on Facebook late Friday night.

    Robin Hamby gave birth to Asa and Eli Thursday.

    The boys shared a torso, arms and legs. Because they also shared a heart and circulatory system, doctors said separation was not an option.

    “They did everything possible for them,” said the twin's motther, Robin, in the video message.

    Robin is currently recovering from a cesarean section.  

    Michael added that he's been overwhelmed with all the text and Facebook messages and promised to do his best to keep everyone updated.

    “God gave us extra time with them that some parents don’t get to have,” said Robin Hamby.  

    Channel 2 Action News talked with Dr. Melissa Counihan earlier in the week, who said conjoined twins happen in one in every 200,000 births. Instances where they share critical organs are even rarer.

    "Certainly they're facing a long road ahead for these babies,” Counihan said about the twin's prognosis. “They will probably have multiple surgeries ahead of them, which, of course, each and every one will put them at increased risk for developing infections from blood loss.”

    There is no word yet on funeral arrangements.

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    Parents post message saying conjoined twins passed away

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