Officer and teen injured after being hit by stolen vehicle driven by another teen, police say

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. — An officer is recovering after police say a teenager in a stolen car intentionally ran over him. Another teen suspect was also injured when the stolen car ran over him as well. College Park’s Interim Police Chief Tom Kuzniacki says officer Ivory Morris told him the teen behind the wheel intentionally ran over him.

“He says it’s no doubt that they knew he intentionally ran him over. Intentionally hit him,” Kuzniacki said. It was a life-threatening, frightening encounter for Morris.

“It’s kinda scary. It’s kind of scary just that they will go to that extent just for a stolen vehicle,” Kuzniacki explained. It all began Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m. near Camp Creek Parkway.

There are 16 Flock license plate reading cameras all around the city. Morris got a hit from one camera that a Nissan Rogue was stolen. He then got another hit that the SUV was in the hotel district near Sullivan Road. Morris then spotted the SUV at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel.

“He pulled up behind them. The car took off,” Kuzniacki said. Morris was able to detain a 15-year-old boy who was headed toward the stolen SUV. The stolen SUV then returned and got close to where Morris was holding the teen. Police say the 15-year-old hopped on the hood of the car. As the officer held him, the teen screamed at the driver. “And he was hollering at the driver, go go go,” Kuzniacki said. Police say the driver jerked the car, sending the officer and the teen to the ground. “He then just accelerated and ran over the officer and the young guy he was holding,” Kuzniacki said. The officer suffered a severely broken leg. “It’s gonna be a pretty long recovery for him,” Kuzniacki said. Police say the car ran over the teen’s stomach, and he is seriously injured. While the teen driver and two other teens got away, it may not be for long.


“The young man at the hospital that was injured and got run over already told his parents who the driver was,” Kuzniacki said. Morris underwent surgery Saturday afternoon. The teen in custody faces aggravated assault and other charges. So will the other teens when they are caught. Police believe the teens may have been here to steal other cars. Contact College Park Police if you have any information.