Couple accused of targeting Asian families across metro Atlanta

Doorbell camera video shows duo accused of breaking into homes across metro

ATLANTA — Doorbell camera video shows people suspected of breaking into homes in metro Atlanta.

This big break could solve dozens of crimes in Forsyth, Gwinnett and North Fulton counties.

Police said in one of the most recent cases, a couple knocked on the door of a home in Johns Creek, then went around back and broke in, stealing thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry.

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A man who lives nearby said it's the same people caught on surveillance video in Forsyth County the day before.

"With that MO we're looking at them in several different jurisdictions as well,” said Forsyth County Sgt. Derek Bleisath.

Bleisath told Channel 2 Action News his team believes this pair is behind eight to 10 other burglaries in his county alone.

"Like any other burglary, people are looking for high-end valuables, cash, electronics, clothing, electronics, stuff like that,” Bleisath said.

Dominique Maddox lives in a Johns Creek subdivision. One day before the Forsyth County case, police believe the same couple broke into this house.

"At 3 p.m., I noticed a guy walking through the grass. He banged on the door violently and then he walked around the back behind the white fence,” Maddox said.

Channel 2's Mike Petchenik has been reporting for months that police across three north metro counties are looking for a crew targeting Asian and Indian homeowners, perceiving victims might keep large amounts of gold and cash in their homes.

An incident report said Maddox's neighbors are of Asian descent.


"I moved into the neighborhood to get away from crime and then two weeks later after I moved into the neighborhood.  Ironic,” Maddox said.

Investigators said it's unclear whether the suspects are working with a group of Colombians they suspect are targeting the families or if they are just copycat.

Authorities are reminding anyone if they see something suspicious, they need to say something and get police involved.