• Neighbors say they don't want a weave store

    By: Tom Jones


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - South Fulton County neighborhoods expressed displeasure that their beloved bookstore will be replaced by a  megastore selling luxury wigs and weaves.

    "I can't believe that they would even do this," said Veronica Johnson.

    "People had business meetings here," Eric Nabors said outside the old Barnes & Noble that recently closed. "And it's being turned into weave superstore."

    They reacted to news that a Beauty Master supply store is moving to the location, in the Camp Creek Marketplace.

    "You know, they might as well put a liquor store there," another upset resident said outside the vacant store. "Same difference."

    Cole Real Estate Investments signed a lease with Beauty Master for it to move to the property. It said Beauty Master plans to close two smaller stores in the area, and its new store will also house a salon.

    But residents said the last thing the area needs is another weave store.

    "The beauty supply market is really, truly, not what mirrors this overall community," said Dawn Strickland.

    People who live in the area said they want businesses that offer health, wellness and lifestyle opportunities.

    "We feel it would be a better place to have a more established place, like HomeGoods or Kirkland's or Michaels," said Nabors.

    Residents are concerned the store would attract criminals who target the expensive merchandise. Most want their bookstore back.

    Veronica Johnson found irony in the fact that a weave store is moving into a former bookstore.

    "And we're focused on what's on our head, as opposed to what's in our head," she said. "And that's what bothers me."

    Not everyone is opposed to the superstore moving into the old Barnes & Noble.

    "I love hair accessories. I love it," Ashley Skinner said after walking out of the soon-to-be closed Beauty Master.

    She said she'll shop at the superstore, and beauty supplies are in huge demand.

    "I think that would be wonderful because we need a bigger beauty supply store," she said.

    Skinner said she'd prefer a beauty supply store over a bookstore any day.

    "A lot of folks don't read books no more. They use the Kindle," she said.

    Cole Real Estate Investments declined to comment.

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