• Mother says her son got sick after taking expired medicine sold at Family Dollar

    By: Tyisha Fernandes


    ATLANTA - A woman says her son had a bad reaction and got sick after he took cold medicine she bought at a Family Dollar store.

    That's when she realized the medicine had expired and learned the shelves were full of expired medications.

    The mother told Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes she often shopped at the store on Memorial Drive, but this was the first time she had a problem like this.

    In a video recorded August 6, the woman went back to the store to ask the manager about the medication she had just purchased.

    "Y'all gave my child expired medication," she said.

    In the video, the manager could be heard telling the mother to grab more medications from the shelf, but those were also expired.

    Fernandes called Family Dollar's corporate office. A spokesperson said they have procedures in place to monitor expiration dates, and they will contact this store about what happened.

    Fernandes also spoke with another manager while she was talking with customers. He confirmed that workers threw away expired medications after she reached out. 

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