Metro high school has 2 former players in Super Bowl

Channel 2's Berndt Petersen reports.

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — It might be some kind of a record. A metro area high school has two graduates playing in the Super Bowl. One plays for the Atlanta Falcons and one for the New England Patriots.

In the attendance office at Carrollton High, administrative assistant Lori Harris says it’s got everybody talking.

"I think it's electric! Everyone has been so excited about two Trojans going to the Super Bowl,” Harris said.

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They are Josh Harris, class of 2007, and Jonathan Jones, class of 2012.

"They were great high school football players, and just both great kids in school,” Principal David Brooks said.

Brooks coached them both. Harris wore No. 40. Jones wore No. 2.

Both played college football at Auburn University.


Today, Harris is the long snapper for the Falcons and Jones is a cornerback for the Patriots.

<p>Josh Harris and Jonathan Jones both graduated from Carrollton High School.</p>

Josh Harris and Jonathan Jones both graduated from Carrollton High School.

Carrollton head coach Sean Calhoun says they’re an inspiration to his team’s current players.

"Our kids know these guys are in the NFL. They know where they came from and they take pride them being Carrollton Trojans,” Calhoun said.

Only one team can win the Super Bowl, but this school can’t lose.

Back in the attendance office, Harris admits she’s partial. After all, the Falcons long snapper is her son.

"To be the mom in that role has just been an amazing experience. We never dreamed we'd be making this journey. And now that we are. It's just such a blessing,” Harris said.

As for Jones’ mom, she was in Massachusetts over the weekend, watching her son play in the AFC title game.